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We are Limitless! Boundaries are never a Hurdle for us. We are Pioneer and Achieving Perpetual Success.

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Educlap is an India-based Software development company. Whether you are looking for large scale marketing solutions or a simple mobile app, our team will manage them in the best way. We have developed our team for those clients, who desire to enhance their business performance. We love to work with you if you have a dream to drive your business in the present market and to develop brand identity in the future years. The entrepreneurs, who can’t survive in the competitive business settings, may not be able to innovate anything in the coming years.
We assist you with the proven tactics, based on performance, and this enable us to give you the best result.


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Important Mobile App Features for your Business

These features are relevant to any great portable application.

  • Push Notifications
  • Simplicity in design
  • Compliance with GDPR standards
  • Ongoing evolution
  • Applied Data Science
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Integration of Augmented Reality
  • Cross-platform coverage
  • Performance is the key
  • Search Feature
  • Social Networking Capabilities
  • Responsive Design
  • Different Versions for Different Devices
  • Less Keyboarding and More Touch
  • Allow for User Feedback
  • Ability to Work Offline
  • Security matters
  • Integration with bigger ecosystems
  • Focus on business-driven solutions
  • Usability first
  • Google Indoor-Maps
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Personalization options
  • Great UI (User Interface)
  • Fast loading time and high performance
  • Support and upgrades

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